What to Ask the Contractor Providing You with an Air Conditioning Repair Estimate

One of the most expensive aspects of owning a home is paying for your utilities. Central air is convenient and appreciated but it can also cost a lot, especially if your system is older or needs a repair. If you are searching for air conditioning repair in Peoria, there are a few things you should ask when a contractor visits your home to inspect your unit and provide you with an estimate. We’ll share what matters the most when it comes to getting the best information to move on.

Capacity Level

If you’re having a new air conditioner installed, you want to be sure you get one that is the right size. It should properly cool the home but not provide so much extra cooling that it is wasted. An air conditioning technician can explain how they calculate the size you need based on many aspects of your home.

Project Timetable

Get an idea of how long the repair you need will take, or how long it is expected to install a new system if that is your situation. There may be fees to haul away old systems. There may also be a time you are responsible for that includes cleaning up and handling any extra tasks that are required following your installation.


Professional air conditioning contractors will often have some guarantee for the products they use and services that are provided. Find out if there is a guarantee, and if so, exactly what is covered under it. Is there a guarantee on parts used? Do you need to pay extra for an extended service contract? Each of these questions that will bring you closer to being sure this company is the right one for your project.

New Technology

Whether you’re having air conditioning repair in Peoria or having an all new system installed, you may want to ask about modern technologies that would be convenient for you to use. The professional installing or repairing your system will know to explain why a remote-control thermostat or other technology might make your life easier.

Insurance & Licensing

Before having your repairs done, check to be sure the company you are using has adequate insurance and is licensed properly to work in your state. If there is no insurance in place, you may be liable if an accident occurs on your property.

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