What Are Some Common Air Conditioning Repairs In Arizona?

Here in Arizona, we almost have a year-round summer season—even our winters feel like summers to most people in northern parts of the country—so we place a great deal of stress on our air conditioning systems. The more an AC needs to work, the faster it ages and the more likely it will require repairs. Although you can help keep away many malfunctions with annual maintenance on your cooling system, there’s no way to possibly prevent them all. Eventually, you’ll need to call a skilled air conditioning repair technician in Peoria, AZ.

When repair time comes, call Worlock Air Conditioning & Heating. We have many years of servicing ACs and heaters, and our 24-hour emergency services means you won’t have to wait long in the heat when your cooling system malfunctions.

Here are some of the more common AC repairs that we perform:

Sealing Air Conditioner refrigerant leaks

The refrigerant that cycles through an air conditioner makes heat exchange possible. This chemical blend shifts from liquid to gas and back again, absorbing heat from inside your home and releasing it outside. Refrigerant doesn’t dissipate during this process, but if leaks spring up in the lines because of corrosion or broken connections, the refrigerant level (the “charge”) will drop, and this will cause a plunge in cooling and damage to the compressor. Technicians will need to locate the leaks, seal them, and then recharge the refrigerant to its manufacturer-set level.

Replacing burnt-out Air Conditioner motors

Motors run a number of important components in an AC. They power the fans that aid with heat exchange and distribute air through the ducts; they also power the compressor, the heart of the system. Motors can run down because of dirt or lack of lubrication, and this will cause them excess stress that will make them burn out. If you hear grinding or screeching noises from the cabinet, or smell an acrid burning from the vents, you may have a failing motor in the air conditioner. Call for repairs to replace the burnt-out motors.

Replacing dying Air Conditioner capacitors

Capacitors are small metallic cylinders that serve as short-term batteries. They hold an electric charge and send the voltage to start up the AC motors (start capacitors) and keeping them running (run capacitors). If a capacitor fails, the motors will stop working. You’ll have warning of a capacitor problem if you hear a clicking noise from the cabinet, or if your AC has difficulty starting (“hard starting”). Failing capacitors will need replacements.

Please keep in mind that air conditioning systems are complex devices that require special training and equipment to maintain and repair them. Don’t try to troubleshoot issues yourself. Instead, call for professional air conditioning repairs in Peoria, AZ that will do the job right the first time. Trust to the skilled staff at Worlock Air Conditioning & Heating to take care of this for you.