One Hour AC Service Response Time

It is starting to get hot in Phoenix. Not quite as hot as summertime, but hot enough that if your air conditioning system fails, you might be very uncomfortable. In fact, for most home and business owners, an air conditioning or heating failure is an emergency. Heating and air condition repair companies know how homeowners feel about maintaining the comfort levels in their homes and businesses and respond accordingly; to get emergency service, you often have to pay emergency prices.

At Worlock Air Conditioning, we are homeowners, too. We understand that your family’s comfort is a priority. We also understand that, in many cases, having a properly working heating or air conditioning system is not just about being comfortable; it is about health and safety. Extremes in temperature, whether hot or cold, can be very hazardous to vulnerable members of our population, including the very young, the very old, or people with health conditions. Rising temperatures are associated with a risk of heat stroke in the elderly, which can actually have serious health consequences.

Hot weather can have a dire effect on senior health because the aging body has a harder time regulating its internal temperature. Do you know what steps to take to avoid overheating?

That is why we offer 24 hour emergency repair at no extra charge and have a one hour AC service response time. We know that restoring your home’s heating or cooling system is a priority for you, and we make it our priority as well!

Of course, sometimes even an emergency response does not mean we can have your system up and running right away. While we service and stock parts for major brands including Trane, Goodman, Carrier, York, and Lennox and are often able to complete repairs in a single visit, there are times that we might need to order a part, which might mean a delay in repairs. This is true of any repair company; there is such a wide variety of air conditioner and heater makes and models that it is impossible for someone to stock all of the various parts that can fail in all of the systems throughout the Phoenix area.

However, what our customers have found is that our one hour AC service response time and prompt diagnosis of the problem allows them time to plan for those repairs, instead of spending a day or days waiting for a repairman to visit, only to discover that there will be more time spent waiting for a part before a repair can be done. We want to make sure that your family has time to make emergency arrangements, because that is how we would want someone to treat our families. If you are in the Phoenix AZ area or surrounding AZ area and are in need of AC Repair, AC Maintenance, AC Replacement, AC Installation or any AC Service please contact Worlock Today!