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The smart home experts at Worlock, offers Nexia. The #1 smart home system that integrates your home devices to an easy all-in-one app.

You have probably heard of a smart-home and know that it has something to do with automating your home to meet your needs, but do you really know what a smart home is?

A smart home is one where appliances can communicate with one another and can be operated by the user remotely or on a schedule. While any appliance in a home can be part of a smart home system, the term is most commonly used when major appliances are handled by a central system.

These appliances include: heating, air conditioning, lighting, security, camera systems, entertainment systems, computers, and other appliances.

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Nexia works really well, some of the big names like American Standard, Trane & GE are compatible!


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We install a number of smart home systems for our customers, but have found that Nexia works really well with a wide range of existing products and appliances, simplifying the retrofitting process. Some of the big names that are Nexia compatible include American Standard, Trane, and GE.

One of the best ways to enter into the smart home era is by installing a smart Nexia thermostat. Nexia thermostats allow you to control your home’s air temperature remotely. These thermostats generally have timers, so you can set your normal temperature preferences to be scheduled during the day. However, they also allow you to adjust for unanticipated changes or delays by controlling the system remotely. That way, you can ensure that your home is always comfortable for you.

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Pool Heater Reapir

Sprinkler systems are another appliance just made for the smart home environment. A normal watering schedule is fantastic, but you do not want to water unless it is necessary. Nexia products, like Smart sprinklers can not only be operated remotely, but also designed to tell you when your landscape needs watering.

Smart home systems can be designed to let you control outlets or let you control your normal lighting. This is great to make sure that you never return home to a dark house, but can also be a way to make sure that you have not left on any lights. Are you the type that worries you left the iron on? Install a smart outlet where you normally plug in your iron and you can shut off the appliance remotely.

Finally, smart homes allow you to control and monitor your home’s security while you are away. Smart homes can allow you to install electronic locks and give every resident his or her own passcode. You can tell when doors are opened, locked, or unlocked, letting you know who is in your home. You can also get alerts for any unexpected door openings, even if your home’s security alarm is not activated.

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