Is Ductless Air Conditioning Worth It?

Is Ductless Air Conditioning Worth It?

Is Ductless Air Conditioning Worth It?

Is Ductless Air Conditioning Good? Many Pros & Homeowners Think So

Ductless air conditioners also commonly referred to as split systems and have been around for some time. However, they’ve only just recently surged in popularity due to their compact size and cost savings. So is ductless air conditioning worth it? Yes, it can be worth the time and little money spent to purchase and install compared to their exterior big unit cousin. Unlike traditional central air conditioners or heat pumps that force cooled or heated air through the entire building with many yards of ducts. The ductless systems are capable of delivering air directly into different zones. They typically comprise of a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that only require access to electricity and mounting capabilities.

While there are numerous variables to consider when installing an air conditioner or replacing an old, ineffective unit, here are a few reasons why going ductless may be worth it.

How Much Is Ductless Air Conditioning System? – Cost Savings

Cooling your home can put a major strain on your wallet. An updated ductless air conditioner, on the other hand, can significantly reduce your monthly expenses. While the initial cost of a good ductless system may be higher than say a traditional air conditioner, they help you save money overall. The elimination of air ducts means that there is no chance of energy leaks in the ductwork. Research has it that you could save between 20-30 percent of your energy bills by switching to a ductless system. Money savings along, is usually the decision-maker for those shopping for ductless mini-split air conditioners for their home.

Do Ductless Air Conditioners Work?

Enhanced Control – A Benefit of Ductless Air Conditioning

You can integrate zone control into your existing central air conditioner, but it’s often an expensive upgrade. With a ductless air conditioner, zone control is an inherent part of the system. This is because various ductless units can be placed strategically in multiple rooms and controlled independently with their own thermostats. This gives you full control of the location and number of units you want to install. If you have family members that like it cooler while others prefer warmer bedrooms, ductless systems are the way to go.

Also, you can run units in a particular space without cooling areas that are not in use thus cutting down your overall energy consumption, reducing your carbon footprint and again, saving money.

Easy Installation

Ductless air conditioners often require little time and effort for installation. As no ducting is required, they require little modification to your home and you can have a new system installed in a single day. Large duct options, on the other hand, may require significant modifications and opening of the walls to install components.


Ductless systems offer business and homeowners cost-effective ways to replace inefficient window units, electric heaters and space heaters. They can also be used to improve temperature control by fitting them into buildings that currently use ducted systems.

Improved Air Quality

Most traditional ductless heating and cooling systems require expensive and regular cleaning that can take some substantial time and effort. Most ductless systems are embedded with extensive filtration technology that can drastically reduce pollen, dust, bacteria, allergens and other particles that can depreciate your indoor air quality.

The critical factor when deciding whether to have a ductless system is to have an HVAC professional assess your heating and cooling needs. The trick is to ensure the system matches the size of your home and will give you the level of comfort you are looking for.

So with the above 5 pros of having a indoor ac unit, one might not have to think hard whether ductless air conditioning is worth it. Professional home expert reviews and many homeowners believe ductless air conditioning units are worth every penny.