How to Save Money on Heating

Heating your home during the winter is necessary but can also get costly. While the web and TV are full of smart ideas on how to save money on heating, it can take money to save you money. For many people, having major improvements projects to enhance energy efficiency would be costly. Knowing how to save money on heating without major renovations can help you reduce your utility bills this season. Here are nine ways to help lower your utility bill during the cold months.

How to Save Money on Heating

1. Cover Unused Doors and Windows

Not all windows and doors are used during the winter, so it’s a good idea to cover those areas that are unused. This will help to keep the heat inside, thus eliminating the need for heating. You can purchase these window kits at your local department store. Otherwise, consider hanging a blanket to enhance the insulation.

2. Turn Down the Heat

Make sure to turn down the heat when everyone goes out or goes to bed at night. A small reduction can make a huge difference in your energy bills. You can adjust your thermostat manually, but it’s also a great investment to spend on a programmable or smart unit.

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3. Leave Your Oven Door Open

After making dinner or baking in the oven, you should leave its door open a little. There is plenty of heat inside, so allowing it to escape can warm up your kitchen and other rooms around. As a result, your furnace or heater would run less and reduce your energy consumption.

4. Caulk Cracks

If you find any cracks on the walls, basement floor, windows, or doors, make sure to fill these areas with silicone. This seems to be a cheap and insignificant method, but it can save you a lot of money by preventing the warm air from leaving outside.

5. Close Your Vents

Make sure to close any vents and doors which go to spaces that aren’t used often. It might waste your heat when your guest room is empty. By doing this, you can simply reduce 100 to 200 square feet off of the energy footprint.

6. Set Up Weather Stripping

Seals around windows or doors might deteriorate quickly over time. Thus, it is advisable to install weather stripping around these areas to keep heat from getting out. This is especially important in older houses.

7. Insulate the Attic


Use plastic, old blankets, saran wrap, weather stripping, or old shirts to cover up your attic. This will help to stop or slow down the drafts as well as prevent warm air from releasing through the roof.

8. Bundle Up

Put on a sweatshirt or sweater, wear fuzzy slippers and socks. Put a comfy, soft blanket on the couch while chatting, reading, or watching TV. Place rugs on tile or hardwood floors to keep your feet warm. It does not cost you anything to wear these clothes and feel warmer. More importantly, it might help you reduce a few degrees inside, thus saving your heating bills.

9. Using a Space Heater

You should only use a space heater in the space that you are working or playing. This would make you feel comfortable without warming other rooms and wasting energy.


In Conclusion

Knowing how to save money on heating involves getting creative. You can program your thermostat to drop a couple degrees at night, you can close certain vents, and do minor modifications to your home to keep heat indoors. The nine tips above will help keep your home warm this winter without a costly utility bill.