How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Bill

During summers, you can take some preventive measure to save your energy bill. Otherwise, you will be ended up spending more. If you want to know how to save money on air conditioning bill, you can consider the following tips.

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Bill

Use Your Ceiling Fan

You can use ceiling fans during summer to stay cool. A ceiling fan can make you feel a minimum of six-degrees cooler through the wind-chill effect. It is true that your ceiling will not make your entire home cool. But it can make you comfortable inside the How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Billhome.  Yes, you should not forget to turn off the fan while not using it. That will save your energy bill. If you use an air conditioner a few hours in a day, it will make your home environment relatively cool. In this condition, a ceiling fan can be very effective to protect you from the hot climate.

Use AC Economically

While using your AC, you can set the temperature as high as possible and use a programmable thermostat to boost the temperature when you are in asleep. It will save your energy bill up to ten percent. When there is more difference between the inside and outside temperature, you are going to spend more on the energy bill.  You can set your temperature to 72ºF to save eighteen percent on the electric bill.

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Regular Maintenance

In addition to installing a programmable thermostat or economical use, you will have to maintain your unit regularly to save the energy bill.  Otherwise, all your efforts will not help. The dirty AC filters will make your AC to work harder for cooling. With regular maintenance, you can reduce the energy bill five to fifteen percent.  If you are using a central cooling system, then make sure that dust or your furniture has not blocked its floor registers.  Also, clean the condenser coils and evaporator to optimize the performance as well as to reduce the energy bill.  

Avoid Heat Buildup

When the temperature of outside exceeds the inside temperature of your home, you should avoid doing all the activities that generate more heat such as cooking or using a clothes dryers.  The heating elements will increase the heat further. Instead, you can use the microwave or hang your clothes for drying up. You can avoid heating until the dark. After the dark, the temperature will drop naturally and then you can do the cooking or similar kind of things.  Also, while bathing, you will have to use the exhaust fan to remove the humidity and excess heat. Avoid using TVs, computers, and stereos to limit heat.

Close Curtains and Blinds

By doing this, you will notice a significant improvement in your indoor air. In addition, it will save your energy bill in a great manner.  You can use highly reflective blinds to reduce the heat up to forty-five percent.  You can hang shades close to your window panes to block the outdoor heat from entering inside.

With the above tips, you might have an idea on how to save money on air conditioning bill.  Follow these simple steps to reduce your cooling bill significantly. Worlock Air has skilled professionals able to assist any of your air conditioning needs.