With 122°F being the highest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix, it’s clear that every home and business in the area needs efficient HVAC in order to maintain a comfortable interior ambiance. Our local, family-owned firm offers a wide range of heating and AC services, providing professional, friendly solutions to HVAC repair, replacement and servicing. No matter what the problem might be, our fully certified and highly experienced technicians can provide an affordable, effective solution.

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Heating Repair for Scottsdale Residents

When the chillier days arrive, heating that you can depend on is always a priority. Whether your system runs on electricity, natural gas or geothermal energy, we know how to keep it running well. Our diverse experience in repairing, servicing and installing a variety of heating systems means that we can always come up with an answer to your heating issue that’s specifically tailored to your individual needs. All our work is fully guaranteed and the parts and systems we fit are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

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Comprehensive Heat Pump Service

The heat pump is crucial to your HVAC system, as it’s the component that is vital in making your HVAC installation as energy-efficient as possible. Rather than acting as a heater, the heat pump circulates warm air to cooler areas, or vice versa, depending on the temperature you’re aiming for. Suitable for use in many different properties, if you’ve got a conventional system, we’re often able to convert it to a heat pump system for far less than you might think. Get in touch for expert assistance with your heat pump installation, servicing or repairs.

Pool Heat Pumps Can Save You Money

In Scottsdale, AZ, a pool is always a good investment. If you want one that’s economical to run, a heat pump could work really well. Drawing in warm air from outside and circulating it through your pool in order to raise the water temperature, a heat pump is far cheaper to operate than a conventional heating system. We can advise on the best style of heat pump for a new installation, as well as repair or maintain an existing heat pump so that it is as energy-efficient and effective as possible.

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Why Not Use Our Furnace Service?

Often tucked away in the basement, it’s easy to overlook the well-being of your furnace. Whether you’ve opted for an electric or natural gas option, your furnace is critical to the success of the heating system in your home, so neglect it at your peril! If you suspect that your system isn’t running as efficiently as it should, or have heard other warning signs that something may be amiss, don’t delay in calling us out. Unfortunately, furnace problems are unlikely to go away by themselves and may become worse if left unfixed. You can depend on our technicians to undertake any necessary repairs or servicing, leaving your furnace in excellent working order.

Outdoor Patio Heaters Can Really Make a Difference

Whether you’ve got a restaurant or bar and want customers to linger at your outside tables in the evening, or have a patio at home that needs some warmth when you’re using it, a patio heater is a great solution. Safer than fire pits or other options, where naked flames are involved, modern patio heaters are energy-efficient and long-lasting. From our thorough knowledge of the market, we are happy to recommend and install heaters from reputable manufacturers which we’ve found to provide high-caliber performance.

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