Team Worlock

With the high cost of living, most homeowners are opting not to turn on the AC to avoid the high cost of air conditioning. A dysfunctional air conditioning system can also be a reason why you will have to find alternative methods of cooling your home. There are many tips on how to keep a house cool without air conditioning suggested by Worlock Heat and Air Conditioning:

i. Bake and Wash at Night

If your air conditioning system is now working, you should not use large appliances because they produce a significant amount of heat. Hence, if you are to use any of these appliances, you should do it early in the morning or late at night when the temperatures are cool. Some of the appliances that produce a lot of heat when used are ovens, dishwashers and dryers, ranges and clothes washers.

ii. Consider Using a Dehumidifier

If you your AC is not working, broken down or you don’t want to turn it on, consider using a dehumidifier to suck the moisture in your home. Moist heat makes a home uncomfortable both to people and pets. Therefore, it is better to have dry air rather than hot moist. Ideally, you should keep your indoor humidity under 60% to make your home comfortable to live in. For you to save on electricity costs, your unit should automatically turn off when the targeted humidity levels are reached. In addition, you should use the water gathered by the dehumidifier to water your plants rather than pouring it out.

iii. Insulate Your House Walls and Attic

You can insulate your home to keep it warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer. You can insulate your home to lower your energy bills and make your home cosy at all times. It does not cost much to insulate your home but the benefits associated are enormous.

iv. Keep the Air Moving Using a Fan

Do you know how to cool a room with fans? Your fan should blow forward in a counter-clockwise direction during summer months. This will help to force the air down to make your

home cooler. You can have a bowl of ice under the ceiling to further cool your home. The fan will blow over the ice producing a misty, cool air which cools your home as the fan blows.

v. Hack Your Windows

To cool your home, open the top section of your windows on the downwind side of your house and on the upwind side, open the bottom section of the windows. This is important because hot air rises up and moves out of the house through the downside while cold air enters into your house through the upward side making the room colder. If you would like more cool air to get into your house, consider facing a box fan out of one window to facilitate the movement of air in and out of your house.

vi. Unplug At Night

As you are retiring to bed, you can disconnect all the electronics because they give off heat even when they are turned off. You can unplug all the appliances you are not using to save energy and cool your house. You can also sleep naked, use a chill pillow or wear very light clothes while sleeping to avoid generating heat.

Finally, you can make long-term improvements that will cool your home for a long period of time. This involves planting trees around your home, planting vines near your home and insulating your window films.