Average Home Temperature in Winter

What is the average home temperature in winter? All homeowners find themselves asking this question whenever winter approaches. In order to keep warm during the cold winter months, it is essential to warm the home. As you consider the average temperature, another important detail that should be on your mind is the electricity cost.

Average Home Temperature in Winter

The ideal home temperature during winter should be at least 62.6° Fahrenheit. Despite the fact that there is no magic thermostat setting, the above temperature is perfect for keeping warm during winter. This temperature is best when you are sleeping or out of the home. The science behind this is that our bodies use less energy when we are asleep. Therefore, we do not need to have the hot air blowing through the vents.

What is the Average Daytime Temperature in Winter?


Now that you know the perfect temperature for winter nights, what about day? The average daytime temperature in winter should be 69.8° Fahrenheit. You can either increase or decrease this temperature depending on your taste and preference. You should select a temperature that makes you and your family members comfortable.

But, as much as we do have to keep ourselves warm during winter, you must be wary of your heating bill increasing. If you keep a high temperature home throughout the winter, there is a likely chance you will seen a higher than usual bill. It’s why you should always use alternative heating plans to keep your house warm, this can help save energy costs.

Additional Tips to Keep Your Home Temperature High During Winter

Now that you are familiar with the average home temperature during winter, you should ensure that this temperature is retained and not lost to the environment. Make sure you always assess your temperature based on the area you live. If you live in a place like Scottsdale, that stays relatively warm in the winter, base your in-home temperature on the weather outside.  Below are tips that can help you keep your home temperatures high during winter.

  • Insulating your home – A well-insulated home retains all the heat inside. Having poor insulation on the other hand does the exact opposite.
  • Don’t block vents – You should also ensure the vents aren’t blocked by any objects such as furniture. A blocked vent disrupts airflow. Remove all obstacles close to the vent.
  • Conduct regular maintenance on your heating system – Some people rarely check or conduct any maintenance on their heating system. This then results to faulty systems which perform poorly. To avoid dealing with a broken heating system, you should do regular maintenance.

Familiarizing yourself with the average home temperature in winter is a great start to keep you warm. However, it can lead to costly bills, so always be open to different alternatives. From extra insulated homes to regular maintenance on your heating system, these alternative options can help you save your money. If you have any further questions, Worlock Air can provide you with skilled technicians ready to answer any question.