With temperatures regularly in the 90’s and beyond, homes without air conditioning can rapidly become intolerable to spend time in. In extreme cases, we know that overheating can be a major health hazard, particularly to vulnerable adults and young children. We offer a prompt, responsive 24/7 emergency A/C service – when you call us out, we aim to be with you within an hour to carry out the repairs needed to get your system operational again.

Expert Air Conditioner Installation

When it’s time for a new air conditioning system, finding one that’s exactly right for your property is vital – too small and you’ll end up with inadequate performance, too large and you’ll be wasting money on a system that you don’t need. We can advise on the best type of system for your individual needs, taking into account all the variables that are specific to your circumstances. Each A/C system we install comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and our own 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

With Any New System Installation (Choose 1):
Free Water Heater • Free Electronic Air Cleaner • Free Wifi Thermostat

A/C Repair for Chandler Homes and Businesses

If your A/C has let you down, why not let us fix it for you? Our EPA-certified technicians have the right skill set to repair almost any A/C system. Usually they can get the job done in one visit, providing a rapid, effective solution that means your home or workplace will soon be able to enjoy cool air again. When you notice that your A/C is making strange noises or only working intermittently, don’t wait until a full breakdown has occurred before contacting us – often a fault caught early on is cheaper and quicker to fix than a full-scale failure.

A/C Maintenance Can Enhance Your System’s Longevity

A meticulous inspection of your A/C, coupled with prompt replacement and repair of any worn or ineffective components can not only mean that less energy is required for it to work, it can also mean that your system lasts longer before replacement is needed. Our technicians can come out at a time that suits you and complete a thorough maintenance and servicing check, leaving your system in top condition and ready to provide optimal performance when you need it.

Our Commitment:
  • 3 hour response time
  • Free service call with any repair
  • 1 Year Warranty on All Repairs
  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices

AC Heat Pump Services Available Now

A heat pump is an integral part of your AC system, so keeping it working well is important. We have extensive experience with heat pump systems, enabling us to give yours the attention and care it needs. In addition to repairing and servicing heat pumps from all the well-known manufacturers, we can also fit a heat pump system in place of your conventional system. Over time, this can save you a significant sum of money due to the smaller amount of energy a heat pump powered system needs to run efficiently.

Commercial A/C Service in Chandler, AZ

If you’re planning a replacement A/C system, or need an HVAC company that understands the needs of the commercial sector, we’re here to help. A poor choice of A/C can result in massively increased energy bills, in addition to ineffective performance. We can install a reliable, low-cost system that will still give you the temperature control you need, but will also enable you to cut costs and possibly even meet some of your green targets. Our commercial servicing options offer an economical solution to any problems your system may present, at the same time as minimizing the risk of a repair being needed.

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