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8 Advantages Of Owning A Nexia Thermostat [Bonus]

Let’s face it. Warmth and comfort are some of the things home owners crave for each day. To ensure we continue to enjoy these things, we usually end up spending more on heating and cooling. Before you know it, your energy costs will start to rise meaning you will end up paying more just to keep your home warm and cozy.

nexia thermostat


Thankfully, Nexia Smart Home & Nexia thermostats can help you make your home warm and cozy while also keeping your energy costs low. Below, we have 8 (plus a bonus) benefits of Nexia smart home thermostats?

1. Energy Savings with Nexia Thermostat

Smart Nexia thermostats are designed with energy efficiency in mind. For starters, they are designed to regulate the internal climate of your home automatically. Secondly, they consume less energy while doing so meaning your energy costs will be low. As a result, you will get to save.


2. Helps with Scheduling

Did you know that smart thermostats have the capability of detecting when you and your family members are up and active in your home? Well, this is thanks to movement sensors which help to detect and note when you are home and when you are not.


3. Saves Time When Programming

Nexia Smart thermostats have built-in learning functions. As a result, they can learn about your preferences, about the size of your home, how many people reside within, when you come and when you go. Using this information, the smart thermostat can change your schedule automatically. This saves you time when programming.


4. Remote Access

All smart thermostats are available with brand apps which can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. Thanks to the app, users have remote access to their smart thermostats while inside or outside their homes. As a result, they can program the thermostat while on vacation or when at work.


5. Monitor Energy Usage

Although smart thermostats save you on energy costs, it is important to monitor how power is used. That is why smart thermostats can generate usage data and energy reports allowing you to know how much power is used in a day, week and month.


6. Better Thermostat Design

A vast majority of smart thermostat manufacturers have incorporated the best and modern designs into their products. For instance, smart thermostats come with large and stylized temperatures. In addition, they have simple interfaces which are intuitive and well lit screens. This makes operating the thermostat much easier.


7. Compatible With Other Smart Devices

In the age of IoTs, homes are becoming smarter since individual devices connect to a home’s Wi-Fi network making management to be easier. For instance, smart purifiers and humidifiers can connect to your home Wi-Fi and be controlled via the smart thermostat.


8. Control Using Voice Command

Voice command technology has been around for a few years now and since then, it has made interaction with smart devices and search engines much easier. When connected to voice assistants like Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can change your preference using voice commands. For instance, you can give your voice assistant the following command, “Alexa, increase the temperature to 70 degrees” or something else like that.

Nexia Smart Home & Next Thermostats are the future. If you’re looking for a futuristic text drive, contact Worlock AC & Heating for your Nexia Smart Home Thermostat installation today.