3 Aspects of Commercial HVAC Systems

During a summer in central Arizona, your business cannot afford to go without an effective air conditioning system to keep your employees, customers, and/or clients comfortable and happy. Whether you need installation, repairs, or maintenance for your commercial HVAC in Glendale, AZ, you should trust the work to Worlock Air Conditioning & Heating. We handle heating, cooling, thermostats, and indoor air quality for businesses that help keep them running smoothly all year round.

It’s important to remember that commercial HVAC systems are dissimilar to the heaters and air conditioners installed in homes. Here are 3 aspects of commercial HVAC that separate them from residential systems and require that trained specialists handle any service done on them.

They Are Usually Package Units

What does “package unit” mean? This term differentiates these systems from “splits” that are common for residential air conditioning. Splits have separate indoor and outdoor cabinets to house the condenser and the evaporator separately. But with package units, all the components remain housed inside a single outside cabinet, which helps free up space indoors and removes a large amount of the noise of the HVAC system out of the work spaces. Package units are frequently heat pumps so they can handle both heating and cooling duties for a business in one installment.

They Are Usually Rooftop Units

Although a central HVAC system doesn’t necessarily need to be installed on the roof (and depending on the building, it sometimes can’t be installed on the roof), this is the preferred spot. The rooftop package unit is beneficial for saving space, working more efficiently, and staying clear of vandalism and other damage.

They Are Modular

Where residential HVAC systems come as a single unit that must be retired whenever a homeowner needs to expand heating/cooling ability, commercial systems are modular. The individual modules make it easier to construct and transports a large HVAC system, but they also allow businesses to add on more heating and cooling capacity. Modules usually come in 5-ton, 10-ton, 25-ton, and 50-ton sizes, so whenever a business grows its space, alters its current configuration, or adds more employees, it can enlarge the heating/cooling capacity to match without having to throw out the entire system.

Since Worlock Air Conditioning & Heating started in business in 1987, we have delivered quality commercial air conditioning and heating services in Glendale, AZ. Our technicians know how to keep the heating and cooling systems in businesses running, and you can trust them to take good care of your commercial enterprise.